What's New: It's Harvest Time

Goats Milk, Tea, Chia, and Kelp
By Claudia Kawczynska, August 2013, Updated June 2021
goat's milk, chia, kelp, tea

Here are four new products whose ingredients harness nature’s bounty for our dogs’ benefit. Enrich your co-pilot’s diet with herbal blossoms, goat’s milk, sun-dried seaweed and an ancient grain.

Goat’s Milk
Power The Honest Kitchen’s natural supplement, Pro Bloom, is loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics. Made from milk provided by pastureraised Pacific Northwest goats, this dehydrated mix comes in handy individual packets. Add warm water for a nutrient-rich drink or a pour-over meal enhancement. Great for cats, too.

Time for Tea
Machu’s Blend combines chamomile, ginger root, fennel seed, skullcap and calendula—herbs and spices known to promote healthy skin and coat and aid in digestion—into a tea especially for doggie sippers. Named for the tea-makers’ canine mascot, Machu Picchu, the chilled tea can be served by itself or on food.

Ocean Harvest
For generations, coastal Nova Scotians have used kelp—a type of seaweed with more than 70 vitamins and minerals—as a supplement to help keep their livestock and pets healthy. Today, the makers of Pet Kelp follow their lead, hand-harvesting the seaweed from Nova Scotia waters and sun-drying it to retain its nutrient quality, then adding selected natural ingredients to create three Pet Kelp formulas: Antioxidant, Skin and Coat, and Joint and Bone.

Super Food
Who doesn’t like gummy bears? Now, your dogs can savor their very own chewy delights with Green Bark Gummies, a new doggie treat made with chia seeds,a traditional grain from Mesoamerica that’s all the rage. Rich in Omega-3s, antioxidants and fiber, the treats come in two sizes (for dogs under or over 30 pounds) and three varieties: Healthy Digestion, Skin & Coat, and Hip & Joint.

Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and Editor-in-Chief.