Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By The Bark Editors, February 2021, Updated June 2021
valentines gift guide for dog lovers
We’ve gathered together a selection of tasty treats and fun toys for your special canine co-pilot this Valentine’s Day. Show your pup some extra love this year with a Valentine surprise!

Native Pet Powdered Pumpkin

$19.99 (8 oz.)

Dogs love the taste of pumpkin and it’s super good for them too. Pumpkin provides fiber to their diets that supports digestive regularity and firmer stools. This new product from Native Pet provides organic pumpkin (with organic apple too) in a powdered form so that makes it much easier to serve pumpkin daily in your dog’s meals. Just sprinkle it on as a topper or add water to make a pumpkin puree.

wagado treat mix

Wagado Treat Mix

$12.99 (6 oz.)

Making delicious and nutritious dog treats from scratch is easy with Wagado’s treat baking mixes. Each of their four mixes, including Carnivore, Deep Sea, Sweet Tooth and Zen, provides an impressive array of superfood ingredients, such as green-lipped mussel, ginger, spirulina, turmeric, mint etc. All you need to do is to add oil and water, stir and bake. Each package makes around 2 dozen treats.

Food Toppers Dehydrated Sprinkles

$7.99 (2.5 oz.)

All dogs, even the picky eaters, will enjoy the taste (and smell) of these topper sprinkles made of dehydrated liver or blood, and even antler. You can pick the protein source too that includes duck, elk, pork, beef, chicken and turkey. The ingredients are sourced from 100% pasture-raised, humanely-raised animals by small family farmers. Great sources of iron, protein, vitamins and nutrients. A great way to add zest to any dog food. 

Dehyrdated Gizzard Sticks

$14.99 (4.5 oz.)

Farm Hounds’ single-ingredient dehydrated gizzard sticks are also sourced from one single farm, that is proudly proclaimed on the package label. These sticks are break-to-size so you can use them for training treats or sprinkled into a meal too. They come in turkey, chicken and duck. These gizzards are packed full of vitamins and nutrients.

IQ Treat Spread and Treat Mat

Mat $14.95 Peanut Butter $13.95

Hyper Pet’s Pumpkin Peanut Butter is an all-natural peanut butter responsibly sourced from and made in the US. It is xylitol-free, with NO other additives except for cinnamon and honey. Dogs will love it, added to treat recipes, in puzzle toys and perfect for lickable Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat too. Licking can increase your dog’s endorphins that can have a calming effect on your dog.

best gift for dogs - snuffle mat

Wooly Snuffle Mat

$39.50 (12" x 18")

Dogs love scent games, and snuffle mats provide them with opportunities to use their most highly developed sense to sniff out treats and other bits of food. They are engaging and enriching—from young pups learning the “find it” skill to senior dogs who delight in sniffing around for their treats. 

best gift for dogs - west paw freeze-dried raw dog treats

Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

Starts at $21.90 (for a 2-pack)

These freeze-dried raw dog treats are new from West Paw Design. Their duck recipe contains only six ingredients including duck organ meat; and the beef has only beef liver. They are made using high-pressure pasteurization, then freeze-dried and preserved without additives to maintain both nutrition and rich flavor and taste. Serving size: 6 to 8 pieces, 15 kcal per serving.

best gift for dogs - buffalo dog toy

Big Sky Bison Fleece Toy

$16.95 (9 ½")

This Big Sky fleece dog toy by West Paw Design will get dog tails wagging. The toy is made using excess fabric from the company’s blanket products, keeping waste out of the landfill while bringing the great outdoors inside your house. Faux suede on one side and fleece on the other, these toys are filled with recycled  stuffing, making this perfect for dogs who enjoy a plush toy and a snuggle buddy. Machine washable. 

best gift for dogs - bumi dog toy

Bumi Tug Toy

Starts at $13.95 (sizes: small and large)

The Bumi by West Paw Design is a 100% recyclable dog toy designed for lively games of tug and land- or water-based fetch. Stretching to twice its length during tug-o-war, this S-shaped dog toy is a favorite with pets and their people, an all-in-one versatile toy designed for active play. It floats and the bright colors make it easy to see wherever it lands. 

best gift for dogs - stick dog toy

Gnawt-a-Stick Durable Dog Toy


Dogs love a good stick, but for a safer alternative, they will also love Ruffwear’s Gnawt-a-Stick toy. Perfect for fetching on land or in the water. On land, it has a great bounce, which will keep a dog on her toes engaging with it. In the water, it floats at an angle, making it easy for a dog to spot. This durable, chew-resistant toy will stand up to most dogs. Made from natural latex rubber.11.8" long.