Training & Behavior

Give nature and nuture a boost; fetch tips, tricks and insights from the pros. The payoff is a better relationship.


dog runs out the door
Lessons on how to deal with door-darting dogs.
driving adopted dog home
People do this in many ways, and some are safer than others.
stop dog barking in car
Something about being in a car can turn the most-mild mannered dog into a noise machine. Here’s what you can do about it.
should I get a second dog?
Would my dog be happier with another dog in the house? Would I?
jealousy in dogs
A look at new research on the topic of jealousy in dogs, and what it actually shows.
Why do dogs burrow in blankets?
And is it safe for them to do it?
Why Do Dogs Chase Garbage Trucks?
Why do some dogs seem to lose their minds when a truck goes by?
pointing and puppies
Are dogs born knowing how to interpret our gestures? Research explores links between genetics and dogs’ ability to learn.
leash solution for dogs that pull - belaying
This rock-climbing technique can take your dog-walking skills to the next level.
The Best Dogs for Kids
Choose the right dog for your children by keeping these points in mind.
give dog choices
The importance of allowing dogs the freedom to decide, even in small ways.
dog smiling with teeth
There’s more to a dog’s smile than meets the eye.
long distance dog training
Why you should train your dog to respond to you from afar.
Do small dogs pee more often? Yes, little dogs pee more often on walks.
New study looks at what we contribute to our dogs’ recreational romping.
training a “stubborn” dog
Don’t blame the dog—instead, figure out how to help her succeed.