Training & Behavior

Give nature and nuture a boost; fetch tips, tricks and insights from the pros. The payoff is a better relationship.


Teach Your Dog To Ride in a Pet Stroller
Sick and older dogs can still get out for a long walk with the aid of a stroller.
Teaching Your Dog “Place”
“Go to your place,” “stand in front of me” and using platforms are favorites with pro dog trainers—here’s why you should add them to your training to-do list.
Moving away from aversive training methods to positive training methods.
New study looks at what we contribute to our dogs’ recreational romping.
separation anxiety in dogs
Downtime provides a unique opportunity
Girl hugs uneasy dog
The short answer is that it depends
dog human connection
The connection between people and dogs is the stuff of legend.
A soft mouth can be the difference between life and death for dogs.
carhartt dog coat
When the weather outside is frightful, a coat can be delightful—here’s how to get your dog to wear one.
Five tips for a successful season
canine enrichment ideas
Canine enrichment, or doing what comes naturally.
Can you bet against your dog’s nature and win?
How to Socialize Your Puppy
Counteracting bad puppy-socialization advice.
Playing Tug With Dogs Is a Good Thing
Basics of the tug game and how to troubleshoot common problems
keep dog out of garden
Tips for protecting your garden from your dog.