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Musings on the world's oldest friendship in personal essays, memoirs, fiction, classics and, of course, humor.

brining home new baby
How to avoid banishment—a frenemy’s letter lays out the rules.
puppy dog
A family’s history is bookmarked by the dogs they’ve raised and loved.
three dogs
Financial investments, emotional rewards
Animal-Assisted Therapy
A placid Great Pyrenees proves that sometimes, just being there is enough.
Kare dog
Or, how a casual visit to an animal rescue resulted in love at first sight.
russian dog
Stories of a dog’s life in Leningrad
when dogs heal book
New book showcases dogs’ role in making the daily lives of people who are HIV+ better.
kristi cameron - bessie
I’m thankful for every messy minute I have with my elderly dog, especially at this time of year.
A bridge too near
John Steinbeck and the family dog Charley
An appreciation of John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley”