A Spreadable Dog Treat

By The Bark Editors, May 2020, Updated June 2021
wag butter

We love nut butters ourselves, so we were delighted to discover Wag Butter—peanut butter for dogs, made by Big Spoon Roasters, a small North Carolina company making handcrafted, fresh-roasted nut butters and snack bars. Made with locally sourced ingredients in small batches, Big Spoon’s Wag Butter contains just three ingredients—peanuts, organic chia seeds and virgin coconut oil. Stuff a little in a puzzle toy, dab it on your dog’s food or spoon it out straight from the jar for a tasty, healthy canine treat. So delicious it’s good for humans too. For a limited time, enter to win a jar of nutritious Wag Butter! Details: $8.95 for a 13-oz. jar (1 tbsp./90Kcal)

Photo: Big Spoon Roasters