Issue 66: Sept/Oct 2011

Our Sept/Oct kicks off with a cover of four charming pups who not only have an inspiring rescue tale (all are parvo survivors), but through them, we learned about a fabulous organization, HeARTs Speak, founded just a year ago and already having an impact on the “art” of rescuing. If you still have trouble understanding a pet food label, hopefully this issue’s primer about food and nutrition—and label reading—will clear up the confusion. (Hint, always say “no” to by-products and “yes” to high-value animal proteins). We also have a fascinating piece by behaviorist extraordinaire Patricia McConnell that should put the misguided dominance theory on a “down stay” once and for all (we hope). And for a doubleheader on that topic, Victoria Stilwell explains why the theory really doesn’t make sense, especially when it comes to pushy puppies. In our Go Green feature we gathered up 68 tips and solutions to help you make your eco-impact lighter and greener. And Lee Harrington is back with another installment of her series, “The Chloe Chronicles”—in this one, the rescue dog, and author, arrive at their new home in NYC. Another must-read in is our haunting endpiece, “Zuzu Lives!” by Ann Hood. This issue’s main event is “Breeding Paradox,” by Pulitzer prize–winning journalist John Woestendiek. We examine the hot button issue of how the maintenance of breed standards might have health and/or behavior affects on some purebred dogs. We would love to hear your reasoned thoughts on the subject—check in with us in mid-Sept (date to be determined later) for an online discussion on this topic.

Dog Class: Teaching inmates the dog canon. By Mary McCallum
Green Up: Eco-tips for reducing your foot/paw print. By Bark Editors   
The Dog Sculptures of Atsuhiko Misawa By Bark Editors  
Healthy Eating: A primer on nutrition and label reading. By Claudia Kawczynska
Breeding Paradox: Is it time for dog-breeding practices to change? By John Woestendiek
Chloe Chronicles: New home for dog and author. By Lee Harrington
Rikki and Arnold: Therapy dog unlocks a patient’s mind. By Chuck Mitchell
Endpiece: Zuzu Lives! By Ann Hood

[Training] What to do about pushy pups. By Victoria Stilwell
[Health] Second Opinion: Balancing Act. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Activities] Treibball: the newest dog sport. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Howl] My Dog Believes in God By Hannah Holmes
[Behavior] Down with dominance. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Humane] World Vets Volunteers travel the globe to help animals. By Rebecca Wallick
[Training] 8 useful tricks to teach your dog. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Art] Masterwork: A painting by Frans Hals
[Book Reviews] Putting the Horse Before Descartes, The Bond, Rin Tin Tin, Love Has No Age Limit, Brute Strength
[Poetry] Poems by Ellen Bass, Aaron Middlepoet Jackson

The Art of Rescuing: HeARTs Speak
Wilfred: Must See TV
Destination: Southwest Utah
Halloween Tips: DIY
Show & Tell; Kit’s Corner
Email Etiquette by Nancy Kay, DVM
Smiling Dogs
Sketchbook: Marc Burckhardt


From This Issue

• Web Exclusives: Sep/Oct 2011 - Expand your horizons here.
• Putting the Art in Heart - HeARTs Speak rallies artists to volunteer their talents to help animals
• Why We Love Wilfred - A man in a dog suit? Funny? Really? Yes!
• Bark Likes This: Pet Fairy Noshers - Organic Schmear Delights
• Explore Southwest Utah - Have Dog, Will Travel
• Lessons in Healthy Eating - A primer on nutrition and label reading.
• Kit's corner: TreatToob, Pet Fairy Noshers - New products that tickle a dog’s fancy
• Go Green - Simple strategies for reducing your paw print