Issue 71: Sep/Oct 2012

Sept/Oct 2012

Our September issue, reflecting that special “back-to-school” time of year, focuses on dog studies. We survey the schools that are putting canine subjects into their syllabi, so students have a chance to really learn about dogs in a variety of new courses. Then, to one of the dog-world’s most debated and least understood subjects: dominance. Karen London thinks that a discussion of this issue can only benefit and expand our understanding of canines. Camille Ward gives us 12 ways to boost your dog IQ. Julie Hecht explains why appearances really do matter—for example, the mixed signals inadvertently sent by dogs with cropped ears and docked tails. We also talk with an author of a new book who explores both the underbelly and the shining lights of today’s humane movement. And we also talk with First Lady Michelle Obama about her very special “son-dog,” Bo, and find out just how much he means to her family. Read about recent research that points to just how much dogs can improve the health of children. We take a look at “breed selector” quizzes, John Woestendiek has taken most of them, and shares his opinion with us. We try out a new GPS device that measures up in keeping track of your dog, especially handy for backcountry exploring. For good eating ideas, we have a raw food primer; tips for mixing-and-matching ingredients for home cooking, plus a great recipe for kale frittata, healthy and delicious for you and your dog. Then another installment of the Chloe Chronicles, fall viewing trips, lots of poems, fab art and oh so much more—hope you enjoy.

Gone To The Dogs: Canine Studies In Colleges. By Pamela S. Hogle
Keep It Real: Managing Behavior Expectations Makes For A Better Relationship. By Camille Ward, PhD
Skin Deep: Looks Do Play A Role In Intraspecies Communication. By Julie Hecht, Msc
Dominance: Much Talk About It, But Do We Really Understand It? By Karen B. London, PhD

First Lady Michelle Obama: More On Her  “Son” Bo.

Eyes In The Sky: GPS Does The Tracking And Relieves The Worry. By Rebecca Wallick
Digital Dogs: Do Online Quizzes Help Find True Love?  By John Woestendiek
Call To Action: Q&A With Kim Kavin, Author Of Little Boy Blue, With An Excerpt From 
Her Book.
Southern Pup Finds A New Home And Author Finds Her Cause. By Claudia Kawczynska

That’s Amore! Swept Away By An Italian Charmer. By Mary McCarthy

Chloe Chronicles VII: Rejection Blues Trying For Second Dog, But Found “Wanting.” By Lee Harrington

Howl: Someone’s Been To The Vet By Jeff Steinbrink

Endpiece: Carriage Trade By Todd Stansfield

It’s A Dog’s Life

Dogs Can Make Children Healthier. By Claudia Kawczynska

Kitchen Diy: Healthy Meal Matches

Young Scientist; LA Food Truck Aids Rescue

Destinations: Leaf Peeping With Pups. By Lisa Wogan

Book Marks: Letter To My Dog; I’m A Good Dog: Pit Bulls In America; Homer

Embark: Sri Lankan Humane Effort With Style.

Smiling Dogs: Simply Irresistible

Recipes: Kale Frittata By Kathryne Taylor

Guest Editorial: Doggie Dependence Debate By Kelly Oliver, PhD

Homeworks: Tips On Scoring At Flea Markets

Second Opinion: Magic Act By Nick Trout, DVM

Setting The Table By Rick Woodford

Raw Food Primer By Elizabeth Kennedy

Book Reviews: Little Boy Blue; What Are Dogs For?; Zoobiquity

From This Issue

• How Well Do You Know Dogs? - Managing expectations about your dog’s behavior makes for a good relationship
• Second Opinion: Magic Act - A Vet’s Perspective
• Interview Michelle Obama - First Lady Michelle Obama talks with us about two of her favorite subjects—healthy children and a happy dog.
• Fall Viewing with Dogs - Leaf-Peeping with Pups
• Education: Gone to the Dogs - Canines claim their territory on college campuses
• Dog Treat Recipe: Kale Frittatas - Dog-Sized Baked Frittatas
• La Dolce Vita - Raising Money for Rescue
• Doggie-Dependence Debate - Are people crazy to admit they need their dogs?
• Dogs Can Make Children Healthier - What would we do without dogs
• Embark: Saved by a Wristband - Sri Lankan Humane Effort With Style.

• Call to Action - Q&A with Kim Kavin, author of Little Boy Blue
• Raw Dog Food Primer: Everything You Need to Know - A raw dog food diet isn’t just for experts anymore.
• Digital Dogs - Can a quiz help you find true love?
• Eyes in the Sky - Dog-specific GPS takes the worry out of exploring
• That's Amore! - Swept away by an Italian charmer
• Setting the Table - Healthy Eating
• The "D" Word: Dominance - We talk about dominance, but do we really understand it?
• Docked Tails Play a Role in Dog Communication - Looks aren’t everything, but they do play a role in communication