Issue 44: Sep/Oct 2007

As summer slips into fall and the days grow shorter, it’s time to settle in and do a little reading. And in the September/October issue, we provide lots of tasty food for thought. Looking for “kinder, gentler” ways to get around town? We show you what’s new in the world of alternative transportation. Learn what science is discovering about environmental causes of canine cancer. Revel in the phantasmagorical world of artist Roy De Forest, and discover why dogs laugh, how to approach homemade meals for your dog and what Pit Bull advocate Ken Foster thinks about media coverage of the Michael Vick case. You’ll be inspired by the determined women who operate the Evergreen Animal Protective League and roused to action by the article on lure coursing—or perhaps a dog-friendly hike through the golden aspen of the Colorado Rockies is more to your taste. Of course, no issue would be complete without the insights of our columnists on dog law, behavior, and health. Finally, indulge yourself in some wonderful essays, a new short story from Catherine Ryan Hyde, a new poem from Mary Oliver and a taste of Howl, our forthcoming humor anthology. All in all, a perfect way to usher a new season.




Nellie: An Album Bark’s much-loved founding dog remembered.
Wheels of Change Good for the planet, good for the dog. By Kevin Skaggs
The Canine in the Coal Mine Do environmental pollutants cause canine cancers? By Sophia Yin, DVM
The Phantasmic World of Roy De Forest The world of artist Roy De Forest—fueled by fantasy and boisterous with dogs. By Lynn R. Matteson
Get Ready to Howl A new Bark anthology is just around the corner. By Cameron Woo and Claudia Kawczynska


Dog of the Day Day care diva finally earns her title. By Laurie Notaro
Dante Memory as an antidote for loss. Fiction by Catherine Ryan Hyde
The Rule of Dogs in Northern Spain Dogs are part of the web of village life. By Beebe Bahrami
Return to Dog Second child means second chance for dog love. By Elena Sigman
Good Girl By Cameron Woo
Poetry: Percy By Mary Oliver

[Adventure] Saved by the Dog Athlete can thank her dog for rescue. By Brian Metzler
[Nutrition] Homemade Meals Canine nutritionist offers a perspective. Q&A with Catherine Lane
[Research] Laughing Dogs Study reveals their secrets. By Patricia Simonet
[Hikes] Rocky Mountain Ramble An autumn hike in Colorado’s Front Range. By Ania Savage
[Activity] Running on Instinct The thrill of the chase is one of lure coursing’s attractions. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash Dogs score high on the honesty scale. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Travel] Hotel Dog Connections of the canine kind buoy hotel guests. By Lori Rotenberk
[Organizations That Matter] Evergreen Animal Protective League A generous definition of “rescue.” By Lisa Wogan
[Therapy Dogs] Story Time Reading dogs are a hit. By Anita B. Stone
[Products] Safer walking, new toy, new bowl, dogs on chips.
[Guest Editorial] The Media and the Pit Bull By Ken Foster
[Masterwork] Georges Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte
[Legal] Dog Law: Ask the Expert Owner or guardian—is there a difference? By Geordie Duckler, JD, Phd
[Vet Advice] Chowhound Gorging has consequences. By Patty Khuly, VMD
[Design Matters] The Perfect Getaway Constructing a dream itinerary. By Julia Szabo
[Reviews] The Behavioural Biology of Dogs ed. by Per Jensen, PhD; The Loved Dog by Tamar Geller, Stress in Dogs by Martina Scholz and Clarissa von Reinhardt; The Cautious Canine by Patricia B. McConnell, PhD

Moonstruck—Study sheds light on an age-old phenomenon.
Rubber Brothers—The world’s first rubberband dog.
Class Act—Montana design students have Bark covered.
Funny Man—New Yorker cartoonist Charles Barsotti talks to Bark
Artful Gardens—Two unique examples, both in Columbus, Ohio.
Sailor Dog—Morrow II is a real sea dog.
Brew Pup—The face that launched a thousand bottles.
Selected Shorts—Public reading.
Dog-o-Lantern, Anyone?—Delight trick-or-treaters.
Show & Tell—More new faces.
Code Cracker—The DNA battle heats up.
Who’s That Dog?—in the latest Harry Potter flick.
Smiling Dogs—All new, all swell.
Dog Collar—British clergywoman and her dog.
Invisible Man—London’s National Portrait Gallery venue for smiling dog.
Historic Comics: Gasoline Alley—Pal part of venerable cartoon strip.


From This Issue

• Artful Gardens - Distinctive gardens put visitors in the frame
• Do Environmental Pollutants Cause Cancer in Dogs? - Do environmental pollutants cause canine cancer?
• Between a Dog and a Hard Place - Adventure athlete has her dog to thank for her rescue after a near-fatal fall.