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The Bidens and their dogs give animal advocates hope.
Positive dog-training methods—they’re not just for dogs anymore!
veterinary medicine social justice
Access to care: 'Veterinary medicine's social justice issue'
dogs help seniors
Pets of all kinds help older adults cope with health issues, stay physically active, and connect with others, a poll shows.
quarantine with multiple dog
Help your dog stay happy until more normal circumstances return.
TSA Detection Dog Calendar
2021 calendar featuring TSA’s explosives detection canines now available for download.
Thanks to YouTube and many enthusiastic practitioners, there’s no shortage of options.
Prison dog-training program
In helping a troubled dog become adoptable, an inmate trainer discovers more about himself.
Positive dog-training methods—they’re not just for dogs anymore!
dogs and smart cars
Researchers study people’s relationships with their dogs as a model for improved automotive experiences.
Andrew Cotter
YouTube whiz about his new book and the dogs behind it
dog tick borne disease
New species of bacteria identified that may cause disease in dogs and humans.
A video captures the moment a dog trusts his rescuer in Mexico.