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Meet Meatball

SPAGHETTI ….with MEATBALL on the side!
By Patricia Reber, October 2021
Meet Pudge

In case you see an adorable, irresistible little pudge of a pooch at the park these days, then you have been in the presence of the newest addition. Meet “Meatball”!! Meatball is a robust little English Bulldog that you will definitely want to take home once you lay your eyes on him.

Meatball is part of the Levy family who relocated to Laureate Park from Chicago in 2017. Having owned Bulldogs in the past, the Levy kids, Reed, 12; Roslyn 9 and Dean, 7, decided something was missing and that something was a Bulldog – but not just any bulldog, mind you – MEATBALL was the missing link. Meatball turned five months old in August, and the Levy kids love him!

The Levy family relocated from Chicago and were involved in Bullie Rescue there and ran a Halloween bulldog obstacle course to raise money for this rescue. The Levy’s are considering training Meatball as a support dog to help spread joy to local hospitals and elderly homes. Meanwhile, Meatball is spreading joy around our community. One of the exciting elements of our dog parks is meeting new dogs and families.

Patricia (Patty) Reber has been writing non-fiction stories for many years and is currently writing a book about women for women. She and her husband, Jan, are serious dog-lovers having owned Rhodesian Ridgebacks (multiple at once) throughout their years of marriage.