Issue 49: Jul/Aug 2008

For our July/August issue we have gathered up an array of tips, tricks and treats to help keep the season pleasurable and safe for both you and your dog. Learn how to make refreshing and cool doggie snacks, and read about the application of Global Position System products that go beyond trip mapping and help you to locate your wandering pooch.

Looking at food sourcing and manufacturing we have take a closer look at how and where rawhide chews are made, perhaps time to seek an alternative. As for calorie counting, it’s time that we demand that pet food companies provide us with this most basic in labeling information; our nutrition team of Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim explains why this is so important.

We have part two of our series about popular music’s doggie-inspired tunes, from Tom Waits to Nellie McKay, they all like to walk the dog. Keeping up our summer “good reads” series, we have a fiction piece by master short story writer Tobias Wolff and a memoir from an up and coming author, Nic Sheff—both of which examine the pull dogs have on us. We proudly present two new poems by Mary Oliver, and an homage to Vicki Hearne by Ken Foster. Rounding out this collection, Lee Montgomery tells us about her lip-reading Schnauzer.

And Susan McCarthy writes about the success story surrounding the rehabilitation of Michael Vick’s dogs. Wonderful community efforts lead by groups like BadRap and others have shown us that all dogs lives are worth saving.

As always, more charming smilers, a great cover dog(s) story, plus gems from you, our readers, too!


Pop Goes the Dog II More songs from the canine charts. By Bill DeMain
Special Teams Advocacy group is part of the solution for Michael Vick’s dogs. By Susan McCarthy

The Write Stuff: Summer Lit
[Fiction] Her Dog Man and dog forge a new bond. By Tobias Wolff
[Essay] Schnauzer, Talking A little pat, a little tickle, a little ritual all his own. By Lee Montgomery
[Homage] Vicki Hearne Remembered A brilliant, disorderly, singular woman with a keen passion for dogs. By Ken Foster
[Memoir] Ramona Guitar Wolf Jackson Lending a Hound a helping hand. By Nic Sheff
[Poetry] Benjamin, Who Came from Who Knows Where Percy Waits for Ricky By Mary Oliver

Howl: The Imaginary Dog Awards Take a bow, or a bone—whatever works. By Phil Austin
Step Right Up! Carnival chalkware dogs. By Carolyn Jacinto
Short Takes—More Good Reads Wally’s World by Marsha Boulton, The Labrador Pact by Matt Haig, Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow, Narrow Dog to Carcassonne by Terry Darlington

[Nutrition] The Politics of Pet Food Calorie labeling. By Marion Nestle, PhD, and Malden Nesheim, PhD
[Adventure] The Reluctant First Mate A woman and her dog sail the Atlantic Ocean. By Melody Coulter
[Masterworks] Mary Cassatt & Berthe Morisot Woman Impressionist painters
[Recipe] Summertime Treats Make your own! By Jessica Disbrow Talley and Eric Talley
[Postcard from Los Angeles] Barking for a Living Voice-over pros tell how to talk dog. By Alysia Gray Painter
[Both Ends of the Leash] Not Tonight—I Have a Paw Ache That suddenly cranky pup could be suffering from undiagnosed pain. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Safety] FrankenBones The downside of rawhide—can it harm your dog? By Sheila Pell
[Wellness] Joint Efforts Arthritis management takes careful coordination. By Martha Schindler Connors
[Ask the Behaviorist] Backsliding on Recall By Karen B. London, PhD
[Reviews] The Labrador Pact; We Give Our Hearts to Dogs to Tear; We Can’t Stay Together for the Dogs; Dog Body, Dog Mind
[Endpiece] A Bird in the Paw By Donna Hicks Myers

Dog Days—A picnic of summertime treats.
Eyes in the Sky—GPS technology finds missing dogs.
SAR Call to Action—Search Dog Foundation ready to grow.
Cover Dog—Meet Penny and her best buddy Nemo.
New Lynda Barry Comeek—Getting Along with Others.
Online: Hear Lynda Barry talk about her work and her new book, What It Is, on NPR’s Arts Audio/Video (scroll down).
Happy Endings—Rescued pup inspires boy.
Online: Hear Mark Federman read his essay.
Smiling Dogs—All new, all happy.
Family Dogs—A Sunday buggy ride, and Fido’s on the job.
Chew on This—Himalayan yak milk chews.
HOP on the Bus, Gus!—Boulder’s new dog-friendly bus line.

From This Issue

• An NPR Happy Ending - North Carolina student takes inspiration from A Dog’s Life
• Search Dog Foundation - An SAR call to action
• Barking For A Living - Giving voice to Hollywood’s dogs
• Joint Efforts - Arthritis management takes careful coordination.