Issue 46: Jan/Feb 2008

It’s not only a new year, it’s the year we celebrate our 10th anniversary, and with this issue, we kick off the festivities in style.

First, the big news: With more than 6,000 entries in our cover dog contest, choosing just one proved to be impossible, so, for our cover, we choose four—Sarah Babcock’s Flake, Gadget, Pilot and Crosby. (See page 14 of the magazine for a special announcement about the cover dog contest.)

Then, we treat you to highlights from Bark’s archives, including photos, art and short takes on the themes that define modern dog culture. Ian Shoales and LA Times columnist Meghan Daum offer two very different views of the changing role of dogs in society, and in an excerpt from the newest Dean Koontz, The Darkest Evening of the Year, puppy mills and rescuers take center stage.

Jump to the beat of dog pop; be amazed by one woman’s dedication to providing a safe haven for abused and abandoned sled dogs; follow Jag, Montana’s “first dog,” as he helps Governor Brian Schweitzer keep a firm paw on the state’s business; and find out why spinning dogs are nothing to laugh about.

And of course, there’s a full complement of useful (or just plain entertaining) information: dancing with your dog; ice safety; causes and remedies for scratching dogs; behavior and training tips, tricks and insights; a Q&A with Tin Man’s Alan Cumming; and more.

Pop Goes the Dog A celebration of the pooch in popular music. By Bill DeMain
A Blue Dog in a Red Dog State For Montana governor Brian Schweitzer, every day is “take your dog to work” day. By Charles Finn
The UnMusher The power of the pack restores mistreated and abandoned sled dogs to health. By Lisa Wogan
Spin Out Canine compulsive disorder is no laughing matter. By Sophia Yin, DVM

Celebrating a Decade of Dogdom
Over the past 10 years, Bark has taken a journey through dog culture. To mark this milestone, we scoured our archives and selected snapshots from that trip, highlighting a few—well, actually, more than 100—of the ideas that informed us, entertained us, inspired us—and defined what it means to be dog’s best friend. (We also spiced up the festivities with three new pieces in the “Essays and Viewpoints” category.)

Ten Years of Memorable Moments—
Katrina, Dream Duos, Vicki Hearne, Simple Pleasures, Stubbs, Kipling, Co-Pilot, Covers, Save-a-Sato; Firsts, Laugh, Lady Day, Excursions, Speak, Blue-Ribbon Art, Art 101, Canine Evaluation, Score, Puppy Talk; Life Stages, MLB’s Great Canine Nicknames, Take Action, Readers’ Picks, Wood/Paper/Plant Dogs, Training Milestones, Mutts, Tripod Standout, Co-Pilot Sightings, Editors’ Picks, Dogs@Work, Dogs@Play

This Changing Dog a cranky take on canine trend, by Ian Shoales
The Saved Are the Saviors an excerpt from newly released The Darkest Evening of the Year, by Dean Koontz
Dog Is My Co-Dependent reflections on the role of dogs, and their people, in modern life, by Meghan Daum
And, of course— The announcement of the Jan/Feb 2008 cover dog winners, as well as big news about future 2008 cover dogs.

[Q&A] Alan Cumming Tin Man’s “Glitch” is a dog-lover. by Vanessa St. Clair
[Activity] Strictly Pawroom Canine freestyle gets you and your dog moving to the music. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Safety] Dogs on Ice Lessons learned from a wintry near-disaster. By Kathleen Rooney Mara
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash Words at Work By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Healing Arts] This Dog Heals! Patient pup is source of companionship and inspiration. By Lawrence Lindner
[Vet Advice] Itch Busters Quick facts and fixes for scratching dogs By Robert J. Silver, DVM
[Play by the Numbers] Fun and Educational Toys for Dogs By Karen B. London, PhD
[Reviews] Divine Canine, Redemption, Dog Man, Unleashed, Noble Hounds and Dear Companions, These Were Our Dogs
[Poem] A Conversation By Michelle Katz for Cody Dog London
[Endpiece] How Do I Love Thee? By Eileen Mitchell

From This Issue

• Canine Freestyle: Teaching Your Dog to Dance - Canine freestyle encourages you and your dog to move to the music
• Dogs on Ice - Lessons learned from a near-disaster
• How Do I Love Thee? - A valentine from the heart.