Issue 86: Summer 2016

You will enjoy what we have in store for you in this summer issue. If, like me, you relish digging into the newest trove of fascinating dog books for your summertime reading, don’t miss our special book section, which highlights our best picks, along with excerpts from some of them. You’ll also see a new feature we call Bark Talks (something like TED talks), which zoom in on our favorite subject with Frans de Waal—just what is behind that unique bond we have with our dogs.

This issue’s cover dog—a coconut-coveting Lab named Bono—is a rising Brazilian wave-riding star. Coconuts, we’re told, are a favorite find among Copacabana canines, and Bono’s no exception. We visit an extremely dog-friendly town in Patagonia, Julie Hecht gives us a run-down on the latest research into dogs’ fondness for following our lead, and we catch up on evolutionary news, including a project that’s wrangling disparate hypothesizers into a joint effort that might result in a date for domestication all can agree on.

Plus, you will meet an amazing woman who is the winner of Bark’s Shelter hero contest, pros and cons (mostly) on e-fencing, airport therapy dogs, and Karen London probes if our dogs make us more appealing (let’s hope she’s right). From a young person’s perspective, we learn how lessons gleaned in the conformation ring included this rule, “always stand by your dog—after all, your dog will always stand by you.” We catch up with Cat Warren as she trains her new scent-detection dog. Our endpiece, by Mat Zucker, takes a humorous look at the nature/nurture question, probing the differences between boy and girl pups. Hope you enjoy it all.

Shelter Heroes The people and practices making a difference.
What’s the Point? Studies focus on dogs’ ability to follow our gestures. By Julie Hecht
Summer Reads Best picks from The Bark bookshelves
Day One of the Search [Dog Gone] A Golden goes missing during mountain hike and the family reaches out for help. By Pauls Toutonghi
The Dog Who Hated Surprises [Pets on the Couch] A vet behaviorist gets to the root cause of a fear-aggressive behavior. By Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, DACVB
What’s in a Breed? [Pit Bull] Scrutinizing the science behind a misunderstood and complicated behavior. By Bronwen Dickey
Shelter Dogs [Underdogs] A woman at a turning point, on the verge of ignoring the unwritten no-dogs-for-kids ban in the service-dog industry. By Melissa Fay Greene
Battle Scarred Wounded Warrior Dogs by sculptor James Mellick celebrate America’s canine heroes. By Susan Tasaki
Game On! Training a scent-detection dog. By Cat Warren
Origin Story State of the debate on canine domestication and the descent of dogs.
By Jane Brackman, PhD
Dog Days Are Forever Rules for dog-handling … and life. By Erin Tack
Endpiece: The Nature/Nurture Question  By Mat Zucker
It’s a Dog’s Life
CRAFTS: Alexandra Thurston’s personalized porcelain plates. 
DISPATCH from Patagonia: The dogs of El Calafante. By Johnny Runnette
SPORTS: On Board Man and dog ride the waves together. By Marcia Triunfol 
DOGS AT WORK: Stress BustersAirport therapy dogs turn down the volume for harried travelers. By Rebecca Wallick
WELLNESS: Canine Disease Forecast, 2016A review of what’s trending in the veterinary world.
By Heather Loenser, DVM
TRAVEL: Pound Puppy Hikes Exploring Utah’s red rock country with shelter dogs.
By Rebecca Wallick
BARK TALKS: Frans de Waal, renowned ethologist, talks about animal behavior and his new book.
TRAINING: Faux Fences The debate on electronic barriers continues. By Tracy Krulik
BEHAVIOR: Animal Attraction Does your dog make you more appealing? By Karen B. London, PhD
MASTERWORK: Henri Rousseau, le peintre primitif
Underdogs, Dog Merchants, What Is a Dog?, Pit Bull, Heal
Q&A with Arlene Weintraub, author of Heal With Bev Thompson
BARK TALKS: Kim Kavin, author of The Dog Merchants With Claudia Kawczynska
Dog Parks Rule
What’s in a Hug?; LA’s Dog Café
Good Kids: Making a difference
Heads-Up—It’s Summer
Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds; Shakespeare Quotes; Jim Harrison
Smiling Dogs: Always Irresistible 
What’s New: Round-up of new product picks.
S. Siporin, Brian Beatty, Tom Greening