Issue 81: Spring 2015

We have a special theme for our Spring issue so be prepared to be carried away as we consider the transportive idea of “journeys,” the many ways our trusty canine co-pilots guide and accompany us on the road—both real and metaphoric—to exploration and revelation.

In this issue’s globe-spanning stories, a dog helps a traveler navigate an ancient ruin and imparts an invaluable lesson, an adventurous Belize pup finds a new calling and a new home, and an innovative humane organization blends international relief with travel. A woman samples the joys and dogs of neighborhoods across the nation when she takes up housesitting as a serious pursuit, and a relocation to Europe inspires an owner to find an attractive alternative to air travel for herself and the family dog.

We have the backstory to a touching photo of a man and his elderly dog in the waters of Lake Superior. There’s also another “dog-and-water story” about a pup who had a hankering to hang 16 with his fellow surfers. In our interview with Melissa Holbrook Pierson, we discover what’s behind the training “journey” from aversive to positive methods. And we have an essay about how a shelter adoption lead to a backseat copilot keeping a steady watch and clocking in many a mile with her new driver. And in the endpiece, a man is reminded by a stray dog whom he saves from a busy street about “just how unpredictable life is, and that special bonds can form at any moment.”

We take a look at another interesting dog park, that is an integral part of a neighborhood renaissance in Cincinnati. We also welcome nutrition expert Linda Case, who explains the issue of “meals” and how the protein content of this important pet food ingredient can vary. We learn why all dogs don’t learn the same way and our behavior expert suggests strategies to understand what might work best for your dog. We try our hand at making treats out of spent grain, a home-brew byproduct. We take a look at easy-to-do agility games that get your dog, cat, bird, bunny and, yes, even an alpaca, going.

So we hope that you enjoy taking this Spring trip with us and find something that inspires you in this very special issue.



Doing Good: Cats and Dogs International: Enlisting tourism partners in humane causes. By Susan Tasaki and Photographs by Tracey Buyce

Picture This: Profile of photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson who took the shot which reverberated worldwide. By Konnie LeMay

Machu Picchu by Night: How a very unusual guide took the author on the adventure of a lifetime. By Elissa Van Poznak

A Dog Abroad: Getting from point A to point B sometimes requires thinking outside the airline cargo hold. By Michaele Fitzpatrick

Travels with Millie: Nothing goes so well with a car as a dog. By Susan Harlan

Have House, Will Travel: See the world by housesitting is a boon for the adventurous animal lover and the companion animals in their care. By Susan Caba

A Dog Named Sulli: A dog finds that teaching caring and compassion to school children in the Belizean jungle is her chosen calling. By Sean Houlihan

Surf City Dog: A dog with an urge to find the waves. By Sherrie Owens

Rescue on Route 498: A chance encounter on a rainy night, and two lives shift gears. By Mike Waters De Luz


ACTIVITIES Interspecies Agility Fun. By Sharon Ulrich

AUTHOR’S NOOK: Q&A with Melissa Pierson, author of The Secret History of Kindness, interviewed by Lee Harrington.

ASSISTANCE: Dementia service dogs. By Susan Tasaki

BEHAVIOR: What’s your dog’s learning curve? By Karen B. London, PhD


NUTRITION: What’s the Deal About Meals? Protein and quality differ widely. By Linda Case

TRAINING: The Importance of Socialization for a Pup. By Jeff Stallings

ART: Mural a father/daughter team up.


The Secret History of Kindness; A Matter of Breeding; The Honest Truth; Pet Poo Pocket Guide; Miracle Dogs; Fit Dog; What the Dog Knows


Guest Editorial: History of Seeing Eye Dogs By Steve Neumann

The Importance of Play—Just do it! By Claudia Kawczynska

Abe Lincoln and his dog Fido; Ingredients Watch List; Elliott Erwitt

Rescue Veterinary Services; Jazz pianist Justin Kauflin’s new CD

New Legislation: California and Utah. Minding your manners.

Dog Park: Cincinnati’s Washington Park is their newest. By Katherine Barrier

Spent brewery grains make healthy treats. By Sophie Cox

Smiling Dogs: Simply Irresistible

Bark’s Best Places to Work: The winners are in!

From This Issue

• Behind the Lens - Q&A with Photographer Tracey Buyce, Volunteer and Board Member, Cats and Dogs International
• Go Out & Play with Your Dog! - The importance of play in our relationships
• Doing Good: Cats and Dogs International - Partnerships that help alleviate animal suffering in popular resort areas.