Issue 27: Summer 2004

A summertime’s worth of fun and reading await you in issue 27. Don’t miss Bark’s special literature feature showcasing new stories by Augusten Burroughs, Anthony Doerr and Mary Oliver. Looking for a summer getaway? We bring you 50 ideas, from the San Juan Islands (WA) to the Catskills (NY), one for each state! In the aftermath of 9/11, new studies examine the after effects and possible long-term health problems. Enjoy our conversations with dog painter extraordinaire Robert Zakanitch and training innovator Ian Dunbar. And find the answers to the following … Are two dogs better than one? Is your dog a matchmaker? When is too many vaccinations? Plus Holy Dogs, Hospice Care, Rex in the City and much more.
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Bark’s Summer Literature ’04 Featuring 16 pages dog-inspired prose—fiction, memoir, humor, including new writing by Mary Oliver, Anthony Doerr and Augusten Burroughs.
50 Ideas for Summer Dog Fun Tips and getaways from coast to coast with collectible map!
Hospice Care Exploring an alternative way to provide comfort. By Karen Edwards
Monitoring the Health of 9/11 SAR Dogs University of Pennsylvania studies health effects on heroic dogs. By Sharon Pflaumer
Aggressive Goodness Robert Zakanitch’s paintings are modern pup art in the truest sense. Interview by Cameron Woo
English Writers & Their Dogs: A Literary Tour Retrace the steps of British luminaries Byron, Bronte, Hardy. By John Humma

A special interview with puppy training guru Ian Dunbar. by Nancy Kerns
Less is may be more when it comes to vaccinations. by Janine Adams
Less is may be more when it comes to vaccinations. by Janine Adams
No need to apologize—training never ends. by Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
Dogs help sniff out romance online. by Michelle Goodman
Canine Cuisine: Cooking Tips on bringing home a second dog. by Pat Miller
Antiquarian bookplates with a canine theme. by Millicent Vetterlein
[Book Reviews]
American Pitbull by Marc Joseph
Throw Me a Bone by Susan Orlean
One at a Time by Diane Leigh and Marilee Geyer

Rex in the City
Sights to see in Austin, Texas
A gardening canine
Fido flicks

Image credits:
Keith Brauneis/Workbook
Russian Wolfhound Acrylic and graphite on canvas 82 x 74 inches; 2003 (Robert Zakanitch)
Hawaii Map (Jessie Hartland)

From This Issue

• Bringing Home a Second Dog - Take two and double the fun
• Artist Robert Zakanitch - Icon of contemporary art captures dogs’ “aggressive goodness”