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The science and business of keeping your best friend in the pink.

spay/neuter policies
After years of warnings about too many dogs come worries about too few.
Make your dog happy
Use habit stacking to turn your good intentions into everyday good habits.
quarantine with multiple dog
Help your dog stay happy until more normal circumstances return.
dog outside temperature safe
A professional dog walker shares seven tips that will help make winter your dog’s new favorite time of year!
thanksgiving with pets
With proper precautions and preparation, pets can safely be included in the celebration.
A nursing home resident interacts with her robotic dog companion
In times of isolation, the next generation of robo-pets may provide comfort
tips on dog grooming
We talk to groomer extraordinaire Robyn Michaels
dog bath
Part Three of Life with Dogs During the Covid-19 Pandemic
dog pulling on tug
Part Two of Life with Dogs During the Covid-19 Pandemic
cleaning coronavirus and dogs
Mild, dog-friendly cleaning solutions are not sufficient