Health Care

Veterinarians’ prescriptions for what ails your pooch. Plus, a healthy dose of prevention advice.

canine distemper
Learn the signs and symptoms of distemper in dogs and how it spreads.
cure for dog cancer
FidoCure provides vets, pets and their people with an option to chemotherapy and radiation.
Gingivitis in dogs
Pet owners need to be aware that the oral health of their dogs is important.
parvo in dogs
Learn the signs and symptoms of parvo in dogs and when to seek help.
kennel cough
Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment for kennel cough.
calories for dog to lose weight
Advice on how many calories a dog should eat to lose weight.
veterinary medicine social justice
Access to care: 'Veterinary medicine's social justice issue'
why is my dog throwing up - sick dog
Some of the reasons your dog may be throwing up and when to call the vet.
dog ate raw dough
Risks for dogs eating raw dough include obstruction and alcohol poisoning.
gastrointestinal foreign bodies in dogs
A vet’s-eye-view of an all-too-common problem.
Dogs with idiopathic vestibular disease, "Old Dog Syndrome", Misunderstood ailment
Vestibular signs in dogs are often incorrectly referred to as a stroke