Issue 63: Feb/March 2011

Welcome to issue 63, our first edition of 2011. In this issue we feature an article about fearful dogs. We know that fearfulness is at the root of many canine behavior issues, so we asked our resident pro, certified animal behaviorist Karen London, to examine the causes and attendant behaviors of canine fear and suggest ways people can help their dogs overcome or cope with this problem. We also showcase a senior-dog special on the challenges and unique needs of the older members of our canine community—Dr. Nicholas Dodman contributes a helpful list of things to watch for as our dogs age. We also tell you about a fascinating study that examines the reasons for canine longevity and differences in the aging process. And, as arthritis is one of the most prevalent age-related ailments, veterinarian Kathy Davieds provides a survey of treatment options for this ubiquitous problem. Even Texas, our cover dog, and the Endpiece link up with this topic. June isn’t far away, and our thoughts turn to wedding planning—specifically, creative and clever ways to include our best friends of the canine persuasion in these plans. Who can resist furry flower girls and four-legged ring bearers? We also welcome back Lee Harrington of Rex and the City fame, with a new dog and new column, “The Chloe Chronicles,” full of wry, spot-on and humorous observations about life with dogs. Be sure to catch Victoria Stilwell’s advice on “countering” counter surfers; and Patricia McConnell’s update on dogs’ ability to follow our lead. Enjoy it all!

In Praise of Older Dogs: The benefits of adopting a more mature companion. By Tom Cushing
Good Old Dog: Signs to watch for in your aging dog. By Nicholas Dodman, DVM
Vesper: A Heartbeat at My Feet: The brief lives of dogs leave deep tracks. By Suzanne Loebl
An Open Letter to My Puppy: An apology for my dog-owning deficiencies. By Flannery Dean
Here Comes the Bride … and Her Dog: Dogs take their place in weddings. By Lisa Wogan
Cautious Canines: Understanding and helping fearful dogs. By Karen B. London, PhD
The Chloe Chronicles: Can Chloe and Rainbow’s puppy love survive time apart? By Lee Harrington
Poem: Coaxing the Stray. By Lee Pelham Cotton

[Talking Training] Taming Temptation. By Victoria Stilwell
[Health Care] Asking Your Veterinarian Tough Questions. By Nancy Kay, DVM
[DIY] Knit Your Own Dog.
[Research] Longevity researchers turn to dogs. By Sheila Pell
[Wellness] Strategies for relieving your dog’s arthritis pain. By Kathy Davieds, DVM
[Working Dog] Behind the scenes on a K-9 unit ride-along. By Rebecca Wallick
[Behavior] Have dogs evolved to follow our lead? By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Second Opinion] The Cruciate Conspiracy. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Training] with Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz. Bo Obama’s trainer shares her secrets to a White House–ready dog.
[Photography] The Urban Wilderness. Brooklyn’s Prospect Park transformed. By Joseph Holmes
[Art] Eadweard Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion Photographs. By Lauren Davis
[Book Reviews] Dog Walks Man; A Small Furry Prayer; Cesar’s Rules; You Had Me at Woof; Ever by My Side; The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe; Mini Encyclopedia of Dog Health; Dogs Can Sign, Too; Do Over Dogs [Endpiece] Be Gentle. I know my dog is old. By Susan Seligson

Dogs Left at Home
Determining Your Dog’s Age; Helping Hands
Dog-Friendly Nashville
Q&A with Jeffrey Masson; Kit’s Corner
Chasing the White Dog
Home Works
SF Giants’ Tim Lincecum’s Favorite Cy
Smiling Dogs
Show+Tell; Me & My Dog; Family Dog
Art: The Dog Show at Mascot Gallery

From This Issue

• Knitted Dogs Pattern - A simple pattern, but you may need to shorten or lengthen the legs to match your dog.
• Here Comes the Bride... and Her Dog - From flower pups to well-heeled guests, dogs take their place in weddings
• Asking Your Veterinarian Tough Questions - Reasonable expectations and questions to ask your vet.
• Police K-9—A Behind the Scenes Look - Riding along with a K-9 unit—a behind the scenes look at training, patrolling and bad guys
• In Praise of Senior Dogs - The benefits of adopting a more mature companion.
• An Open Letter To My Puppy - An apology for my dog-owning deficiencies
• Aging Lessons - Longevity researchers turn to dogs.
• Stories from the Great Wheel of Life - An interview with Byambasuren Davaa, director of "The Cave of the Yellow Dog"
• Is Your Dog Waiting For You? - New study reveals that our dogs are affected by how long we're gone.