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Dog's Life

dog heeler
Daily changes and a lack of rituals intensify the struggle
Dogs use creativity to break free
woman and dog
An odd way to describe a successful match
Saving Dogs In Bhutan
Nationwide spay/neuter project adds to Bhutan’s canine Gross National Happiness.
Detection dogs who didn't make the grade are looking for new homes
water hemlock dog toxic
Pet owners watch out this summer for a common, but deadly plant.
More states add protections to those aiming to rescue.
More companies are providing time off for new U.K. pet parents.
Scientists discover that zinc can triple a dogs’ sensitivity to odors.
The train line has been developing a program to include pets on trips.
Vets are seeing an increase in fractured carnassial teeth.
University of Florida study compares shelter breed assessments and DNA tests.
Dogs lap water in a precise way to maximize intake.
The Dog Parker lets people run errands with their pets.