Dog's Life

dogs detect coronavirus
In a proof-of-concept study led by the School of Veterinary Medicine, dogs identified positive samples with 96% accuracy.
The doomed ship's survivors included three canines
spring activities for dogs
Tips for preparing your pup for summer activities.
Prevent Extraneous Testing (PET) Act, a.k.a. SB 252 California
If passed, the PET Act will make some of those tests illegal in California.
dog poop bags on trail
A pandemic means more dogs on trails and more waste left behind.
spay/neuter policies
After years of warnings about too many dogs come worries about too few.
no dogs left behind - dog meat trade
Nonprofit gears up to bring more dogs rescued from Chinese slaughterhouses to the U.S.
Animal-Assisted Therapy
A placid Great Pyrenees proves that sometimes, just being there is enough.
how to start a dog walking business
Must love dogs, and a sense of humor really helps.
Skip the game, take your dog for a walk!
dog park behavior facts
Many owners share information at the dog park, but is that information accurate?