It’s a dog-crazy world out there—explore what's new in pup pop culture.


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The science and art of naming your dog or Sometimes, what you say is what you get.
Photography tips that may lead to adoptions
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Tips for preparing your pup for summer activities.
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St Patrick and the Irish Wolfhounds
The legend of St Patrick and the Irish Wolfhounds.
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Dog love runs both ways
how to start a dog walking business
Must love dogs, and a sense of humor really helps.
Finch, staring Tom Hanks and a former rescue dog, explores the human-dog relationship.
Resist the puppy surprise
New LEGO Ideas set has gone to the dogs.
Q&A with Spanish artist Gemma Gené about her pug Mochi
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Do dogs smell fear? Why do dogs love feet?
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Dog DNA tests are like 23andMe for your furry family member. Only one stands out from the pack!