Dog Lovers’ Gift Guide for the Home

By The Bark Editors, December 2020, Updated June 2021
gifts for dog lovers
Home is where the dog is, naturally. Here are some ideas for making it comfier, cozier and even neater this holiday season. And for more suggestions, see our gift guide’s clever and creative dog-inspired picks!
best dog bed - molly mutt

Elevated Dog Bed Frame

$119 to $149 (small; medium/large)

The lift™ is Molly Mutt’s newest design, that fits in perfectly with their duvet dog bed products. This birch plywood frame is a DIY that requires absolutely no tools, all the pieces slid together easily. Just plop a cushiony bed into it and you have a new look for your décor, and a nifty new bed for your pup. Check out their Sheepy wool beds too.

dog mom gifts - Handmade ceramic dog plates

Ceramic Dog Portrait Plate


Get a portrait of your dog on ceramic ware that showcases the artistry of Alexandra Thurston a master printmaker and ceramicist. Dogs have become her never-ending inspiration. Plates are handmade and hand-printed, each has a special charm and character all its own. Set of 4 small plates, 5 inches.

dog mom gifts - dog tea towel

Doggie Tea Towels

$18 (28 x 28 inches)

Kate Brennan Hall is a masterful illustrator and printmaker, and her artistry and sense of whimsy shine in her canine tea-towel series. The 100% cotton, flour-sack towels are handprinted in her studio in Iowa using eco-friendly ink.

best dog beds - play denim lounge bed

Denim Lounge Dog Bed

$138 (31 x 25 x 8 inches)

P.L.A.Y.’s lounge bed is just the thing for dogs who like to snuggle into their beds. The hypoallergenic cotton denim covers are soft, breathable and allergy free, with just the right amount stuffing and elevated sides to comfortably and ergonomically support your dog. Easy maintenance and durability.

best gifts for dog lovers - dog toy bin

DogToy Bin

$44 (14 x 9.5 inches)

This red, snappy Good Dog EcoToy Bin from Harry Barker offers plenty of space to store all your pooch’s favorite toys. Made from 100% recycled materials, this toy bin helps keep a clean home and a clean planet. It has two comfortable cloth handles, making toy pick-up a breeze.

best gifts for dog lovers - personalized

Personalized Dog Pillow


Have a portrait of your dog printed in black line art on a 12" x 18" canvas pillow. A complete, decorative pillow (not simply a cover), it’s hand-crafted and will complement any home décor.

best gifts for dog lovers - dog bowls

Ceramic Dog Bowl with Stand

$35 (5.5 x 2 inches)

For the smaller-size dog, a marbled, mid-century modern ceramic dog bowl with a wooden stand that elevates the bowl slightly and, importantly, stabilizes it as well. The bowl is removable and washable.

best gifts for dog lovers - pet portrait

Watercolor Dog Portrait

Starting at $69 (5 x 7 and larger sizes)

A hand painted portrait of a dear dog is a gift that keeps on giving. We especially liked Kristina Brozicevic’s lovely watercolor work. And while she is booked up for holiday giving, she still has spots in late December, so a gift certificate could hold a place. She uses watercolors, gouache, inks, on very thick paper to create these endearing tributes.

best gifts for dog lovers - wool blanket

Wool Dog Blanket


Whether on a dog bed or curling up on the sofa, this handmade, super-comfy dog blanket by the Stately Hound will be a hit. Made using luxuriously soft Welsh recycled wool. These gorgeous blankets measure 39 x 55 in., cold wash only, do not tumble dry. Materials: 70% Wool, 30% Polyester.

best gifts for dog lovers - dog tote

Dog Person’s Bag


From Fishs Eddy a charming and handy bag with a dog person theme. The bag can be rolled up into a small roll and unfurled to 24 in. in height. Easy to pack in a pocket.

best gifts for dog lovers - door mat

Doggie Door Mat


A cheery way to greet visitors at the front door. This dogs-on-ice mat is super durable and stain, fade and weather resistant. Can be use indoors as well. 18 x 48 inches (other sizes also available).

best gifts for dog lovers - dog crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Starts at $245 (small and medium sizes)

This attractive, well-designed dog crate is not only collapsible, it’s easy to set up, making transporting and storing it a breeze. Revol’s diamond-shaped mesh design was developed based on guidance from pet safety experts to prevent paws and jaws from getting caught in the openings. Engineered using reinforced plastic, aluminum and steel, it’s both strong and lightweight. 

best gift for dogs - molly mutt dog blanket

Dog Blanket from Molly Mutt

Starts at $59 (sizes: small, large)

Either as an addition to a dog bed for your dog to curl up with or as a furniture protector, these 100% cotton canvas blankets will delight. One side is fleece and the other is canvas, in seven different patterns and two sizes. Great for travel (keep your car seats clean!) or on-the-go comfort anywhere. 

best gifts for dog lovers - dog placemat

Soggy Doggy Placemat

$22.50 (18 x 24 inches)

This superabsorbent, microfiber chenille placemat by Soggy Doggy is ideal for our sloppy dogs. It’s quick drying and soaks up water so sloppy drinkers don't walk through their mess. Works as a doormat too for small spaces, comes in 4 colors.

best gifts for dog lovers - magnets

Dog Lover Bottle Cap Magnets


These magnets will look great on any refrigerator door. Made by Kate Grenier Designs from recycled bottle caps in the USA. Six fun and unique designs, makes a great gift for dog lovers.

best gifts for dog lovers - doggie language book

Doggie Language by Lili Chin


This small but immensely informative book is your perfect illustrated guide to seeing and understanding your dog. The more we notice and listen to what our dogs are trying to tell us, the more we can improve our relationship with them.

best dog bed - molly mutt

Sheepy Wool-Filled Dog Bed by Molly Mutt

Starts at $129

From the fine folks at Molly Mutt, the company who brought us the first “stuff-it-yourself” dog bed duvets, comes an ingenious, sustainable and snoozeable bed. The idea was inspired by one of their customers, a sheep farmer who sold her leftover wool packed inside one of their duvets. Now they are teaming up with other farmers to make their own comfy bed. It's antimicrobial, chemical-free, 100% all natural, cool in summer and warm in winter, and will last a lifetime. Available in an assortment of sizes and duvet designs.

best dog bowl - yeti dog bowl

Yeti Dog Bowl

$49 (64 oz. 8 x 8 x 3.5 inches)

Like other Yeti products, this dog bowl is made to last. Constructed from 18/8 stainless steel to be puncture- and rust-resistant, the bowl has a nonslip ring on the bottom that keeps it in place even with large, enthusiastic eaters. Seven colors to choose from.

best dog bed - snuggle sack

Red Kilim Snuggle Sack

Starts at $89 (Sizes: XS to XXL)

Many dogs love to cuddle into a bed, burrowing deep for calming snoozes. If your dog is one of them, this gorgeous Turkish kilim bed from Floofcouture in the Netherlands is sure to a winner. The lining comes in a deco velvet or faux fur. It is handsewn with very strong thread, plus it is extremely soft; your dog will snuggle in and fall asleep straight away. 

best dog shampoo - puracy

Puracy Pet Shampoo

$15.99 (16 oz.)

Puracy’s gentle, human-grade, human-tested plant-powered shampoo and moisturizer is made with orange and aloe vera. It has no harsh chemicals and will clean and deodorize your dog. It also helps to treat itchiness and dryness. Hypoallergenic, gluten-free, biodegradable. USA made.

best gifts for dog lovers

Dog DNA Test


If you really want to get to know your pup, try a dog DNA test from Embark. The test will give you insights on your dog’s breed mix, family tree, and even relatives. More importantly, a quick cheek swab could give you the ability to add years to your fur baby’s life.

best gifts for dog lovers - super dog washer

Aquapaw Pro Sprayer and Scrubber


An innovative way to wash your dog in the shower or with a garden hose. The Aquapaw Pro is both a scrubber and sprayer, and is activated by a simple two-stage click (low or high). Shower and hose adapters are included.

Dog training course gift

Dog Training Online

Starting at $25

One of the year’s most thoughtful gifts is a gift certificate to an online dog-training course. One of our favorites is offered by Dog’s Best Friend Training (formerly owned by Patricia McConnell, PhD). From brushing up on the all-important recall training to learning activities like Nose Work—there’s  a session to fit the needs of all dogs and their people.

best couch cover gifts for dog lovers

Microfiber Couch Cover for Dogs

$60 (46 x 46 inches)

Soft, microfiber top layer provides a comfortable, luxurious surface that your dog will love. A 100% waterproof oxford layer will protect your furniture from damage. Corner & seat anchors fit on any style of couch and keep the cover perfectly positioned along with anti-slip backing to keep the cover in place.

best gifts for dog lovers - dog crate cover

Dog Crate Covers


Many dogs love their crates, and prefer an extra bit of privacy that a cover over it provides them. This nice design by Midwest, in a variety of sizes for most crates, will look good in your home too. With a flap in the front that can be rolled up or down. Affordable and durable too.

cute dog Christmas tree ornament

Doggie Tree Ornament


How much more adorable could this be? A spunky little Terrier for your holiday tree, handmade of felted Fair Trade wool. Handstitched in Nepal, it’s an instant heirloom ornament. 3" x 3"

bonza dog brush

Bonza Dog Brush


This handy brush with its silicone bristles is gentle on your dog (or cat). Ideal for brushing, massaging or washing. Comes with a removable screen for easy cleaning.

best gifts for dog lovers - poochie bells

Poochie Bells

$18.99 (26 inches)

The only training doorbells made just for dogs. These bells will eliminate scratching at the door, and can be an effective way to house train your dog, or to teach an old dog a new way to notify you that they need to go out! Comes in a variety of colors and designs, all made in the USA.

petfactors pet food scoop

Petfactors Pet-Food Scoops


If you feed your dog kibble, it’s important to measure out portions correctly. These pet-food scoops by Petfactors, which accurately measure dry matter, take the guessing out of it. (Note that one cup of liquid is not the same as one cup of dry matter; click here for more info on the topic.) The scoops come in five standard increments.

best gifts for dog lovers - dog treat tin

Treat Tin

$16 (7.5 x 4 inches)

Harry Barker’s “Bon Chien” treat canister is just the thing, when filled, for all good dogs. Made from sturdy, recyclable tin and FDA-approved. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

first aid medical kit for dogs

First Aid Kit for Dogs


Every dog home needs a first aid kit. This Adventure Medical Kit is perfect for emergencies both in the home and out on the road. Packed full of first-aid solutions to help with wound care, sprains, how-to guides and simple medications.