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Dog Fun with LEGO

New LEGO Ideas set has gone to the dogs.
By Daniela Lopez, October 2021
lego dog agility course

We love how dogs find their way into all aspects of our lives. So, we were excited to hear about a new LEGO Ideas campaign for a dog-themed set from Péter Szalay. Inspired by his dog Stencil, Szalay has designed a playable LEGO dog agility and herding course.

A design engineer by trade, Szalay has been enamored with LEGO since childhood. He has built many amazing replicas of buildings and art-themed LEGO creations (see more on his Instagram). His previous LEGO Ideas project was an art gallery of famous paintings where the portraits were LEGO mini-figures. Szalay’s work has even been displayed as part of a LEGO mosaic builder exhibition.

After adopting Stencil, as one might expect, Szalay’s life became centered around dogs. Stencil goes everywhere with him, including work. In his spare time, Szalay does dog dancing with Stencil (his girlfriend handles the obedience training), and he has created numerous LEGO brick statues of Stencil. So, it makes sense that Szalay’s next project would be dog-themed too.

The LEGO dog agility course took more than 200 hours of work to design. Szalay believes it would be great fun for children and adults alike because of its interactive nature. We agree!


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In order to complete the LEGO dog agility course, a player would need to start from the grandstand and overcome the following obstacles:

  • Herd the sheep together
  • Jump over the obstacles
  • Get through the tunnel
  • Slalom between the poles
  • Run through the ramp

There is a LEGO Ideas rule which says submissions can only make use of existing LEGO shapes, so for the dogs were a bit of a challenge. He bought every existing LEGO dog figure and tried to find out what breeds could fit them. His girlfriend, who is an artist, worked to repaint the figures.

While Szalay has made it past the first goal, in order to turn his LEGO dog agility idea into an official LEGO® set, he needs more votes. We think he has created something special. Check out his LEGO idea campaign and consider spreading the word of this fabulous set!

Image Credit: Péter Szalay

Daniela Lopez is a digital media specialist and long-time contributor to The Bark.