Dog Culture

dog trapped in car
A neighborhood comes to the rescue, sort of.
Global Must-See Documentaries for Dog Lovers
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Cold weather and shorter daylight hours call for extra vigilance and special care.
woman and dog
How we became human—an ongoing exploration.
Frozen puppy in Siberia a puzzling discovery
From idea to product—The Bark talks to a successful start-up about getting the ball rolling
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Study explores differences in dog brains
Who’s your dog’s inner human?
dog and human hold hands
President Trump Needs a Canine Correction
The Bark’s conversation with the author of Dogs (A Philosophical Guide to Our Best Friends)
Kress - Doggie in the Window
Bark editor-in-chief Claudia Kawczynska in conversation with Rory Kress, author of The Doggie in the Window
Alexandra Horowitz - Our Dogs Ourselves
Bark editor-in-chief Claudia Kawczynska in conversation with one of dogdom’s groundbreaking authors and researchers
dog playing on floor
Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month with these cool dog facts.