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pet fire safety day
A reminder to stay diligent on National Pet Fire Safety Day.
foster children and dogs
Dogs provide a vital, non-threatening emotional comfort to some children.
Antibiotic Use in Cats and Dogs
Researchers look to veterinarians, digital records in ambitious data-collection effort
Relax, humans! I’m not going to start the next pandemic.
cbd and anxious dogs
A new observational study suggests the answer is yes.
African wild dog
Wild and untameable, yet strikingly similar to the much-loved pet dogs that share our homes
César Chávez and His Dogs
An iconic figure in the history of American farm labor was influenced by his German Shepherds.
dogs detect coronavirus
In a proof-of-concept study led by the School of Veterinary Medicine, dogs identified positive samples with 96% accuracy.
Curbside Veterinary Service
Some veterinarians discover pros to the pandemic protocol
Prevent Extraneous Testing (PET) Act, a.k.a. SB 252 California
If passed, the PET Act will make some of those tests illegal in California.