Bark Dog Lola: Product Picks

By The Bark Editors, February 2020, Updated June 2021

After a day of staring up into trees, on high alert for squirrels, Lola likes to curl up on the comfy support of the Heyday Dog Bed. Lola doesn’t like being groomed after her adventures, but she loves this soft silicon brush and its gentle massaging action. The Pet+Me Brush makes it easy for us to clean up after beach romps with pack-mates, Kit and Charlie. 

When she's not outdoors, working to dislodge the treats hidden in her Buster Cube gives Lola quality playtime pawing around for the rewards. Lola knows that when her human dons this stylish and practical jacket it means one of her favorite things: heading to the beach, training games and pockets full of treats!