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Does your dog have a greeting disorder?
should I get a second dog?
Would my dog be happier with another dog in the house? Would I?
Why Do Dogs Chase Garbage Trucks?
Why do some dogs seem to lose their minds when a truck goes by?
bored senior dog
Physical exercise isn’t the only way to stimulate your dog—engaging his mind works, too.
Moving away from aversive training methods to positive training methods.
housetrain a dog
How to re-housetrain a dog of any age.
Home Remedy for Dog Diarrhea
Common canine ailment responds to home care and familiar remedies
Dog waiting for dog walker
Make sure your dog’s ready and able to get the most benefit from these services.
multi-dog household dynamic change
Why relationships change in multi-dog households.
meaning behind wagging dog tail
“I can’t believe she bit me! She was wagging her tail!”
how to stop a dog from eating chicken bones
7 ways to prevent bellyaches from scavenging
dog & stairs
Help! Our dog refuses to use our spiral staircase.
How to Welcome a Foster Dog
Help! I’ve just taken in a foster dog—what do I do next?
how to stop dog from pulling on leash
Learn how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.
stop dog from digging
Help! My dog is digging up some of my favorite plants.
dog howling
How to help a howling dog turn down the volume (or even hit the off button)
dog park socialization
Should we take our young dog to the dog park for “socialization”?