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In the ultimate artistic multitasking, dog is best friend, subject and muse.

This new comic book series and its hero fight animal abuse
Pepito licking his new friend's tears
How this charming mini-opera about finding the right dog came to be.
From Paris to Hollywood, Suburbia to the Rural South
Muscadine, Amy Ray, Sawyer
Indigo Girl Amy Ray’s new track channels the spirit of a dog who “got up and carried on.”
Stray Movie Film
Documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Lo’s first full-length feature is a masterpiece.
Cicely Tyson in Sounder
An indelible role in the 1972 movie of hardship and the human-canine bond
Matt Mays Talking To The Sky
Alt-rocker Matt Mays’ new music video captures his dog’s longing
Young Girl and Dog
An internet challenge gets creative with common objects and pets
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A Milwaukee Exhibition Showcases the Midwest’s Imagination
Edvard Munch Self-portrait in Bergen, 1916 (left); Head of a Dog, 1942 (right) Oil on canvas (Bergen) and wood panel (Dog)
A new book delves into centuries of art showcasing our first and oldest friends.
Photographs that defy gravity … and expectations
Femme Au Chien, Pablo Picasso (1962)
As does a painting of a French Poodle by Gustave Caillebotte
Photo © Museum Associates/LACMA
Guardians, companions, zodiac animal—canines are a constant in Japanese culture.